Spice Up ta routine masturbation: des idées pour une expérience pus épanouissante pour ce Mois de la Masturbation - Oui boutique sensuelle

Spice Up your masturbation routine: ideas for a more pleasuring experience for this Masturbation Month

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1. Watch Ethical Porn

The porn industry has often been criticized for its questionable practices and often unrealistic depictions. Fortunately, directors like Erika Lust have decided to change the situation by creating erotic films that are realistic, inclusive and respectful of everyone's body image.

XConfessions by Erika Lust

Erika Lust launched XConfessions, a series of erotic films based on the confessions and fantasies of her audience. Each month, she and guest directors choose the best confessions to transform into captivating films. These works depict sex and sexuality as healthy, fun and joyful parts of life, far from the stereotypes often conveyed by the traditional industry.

Make Love Not Porn

Another innovative platform is Make Love Not Porn (MLNP), dedicated to amateur erotic films. Unlike scripted Hollywood porn, MLNP offers "social sex" videos that capture the reality of everyday life. These spontaneous videos show sex in all its human dimensions: funny, messy, glorious, wonderful, awkward and beautiful. Nothing is scripted or choreographed, providing an authentic and refreshing experience.

2. Listen to Erotic Literature

If visual stimulation isn't really your thing, audio erotic literature can be an exciting alternative. Here are some apps that offer suggestive audio stories to spice up your intimate moments.

Dipsea is an English-language app that offers erotic audio stories designed to stimulate your imagination. The stories are varied and range from romantic adventures to more daring fantasies, with captivating, high-quality narration.

Femtasy offers stories in French, English and German. This application stands out for its diversity of content and its inclusive approach, offering stories adapted to different tastes and sexual orientations. The stories are created to take you on a unique sensory journey.

3. Use a Glass Toy to Play with Temperature

Glass toys are not only stylish and hygienic, they also provide a unique experience thanks to their ability to retain temperature. Here's how to integrate this sensory dimension into your masturbation routine:

Heating and Cooling

One of the advantages of glass toys is their ability to be heated or cooled to intensify sensations. For a warm experience, immerse your glass toy in lukewarm water for a few minutes. If you prefer cooler sensations, put it in the refrigerator or immerse it in cold water. These temperature variations can bring a new dimension to your moments of pleasure, stimulating your nerve endings in a unique way.

Health and Safety

Borosilicate glass, often used for intimate toys, is non-porous and easy to clean. This makes it hygienic and safe for the body. Be sure to check the temperature of the toy on a small area of ​​your skin before using it to avoid any burns or discomfort.

Spicing up your masturbation routine can be done in many respectful and stimulating ways. Whether you opt for ethical pornography, erotic audio literature or exploring new sensations with a glass toy, the important thing is to find what makes you feel good and fulfilled. Don't hesitate to explore these options and discover what gives you the most pleasure. After all, masturbation is a time for you, by you, and deserves to be as rewarding as possible.

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