Aidez Oui à promouvoir le bien-être sexuel au Canada

Help Oui promote sexual wellness in Canada and beyond

After receiving advice from my business coach at of District 3 Innovation , I decided to change platforms to raise the funds necessary for my crowdfunding campaign. You can now support the transition from Yes to Chuffed by clicking here

My coach recommended I move to Chuffed to reach a wider audience. Although I plan to return to Montreal and expand, it will not be like the storefront stores usually do.

Let me explain

Popup Shops – The Future of Retail:

Pop-up stores are a cost-effective way for small retailers and e-commerce stores to connect with their customer base. In the case of Yes, they will allow the brand to reconnect with the community and bring back safe spaces.

Oui - Beyond a sex shop:

Oui is more than a traditional sex shop, offering a judgment-free in-store experience and serving as a resource center for sexual health and intimacy.

Whether it's buying a toy, a book or card games from Happy Tears, I believe this safe, judgment-free in-store experience should be accessible not only to the rest of the city, but also to the the entire Canadian public and perhaps even beyond!

Oui's merch collection:

Finally, the icing on the cake, we are launching the Oui merchandise collection - a line of comfortable clothing and accessories symbolizing the values ​​of love and intimacy.

Your support is essential to making this vision a reality!

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