5 idées de dates gratuites à faire en solo

5 free date ideas to do by yourself

As Valentine's Day approaches, I decided to offer you some date ideas. To do alone, with friends, or with a partner.

Personally, I have never celebrated Valentine's Day with someone, but I am not saddened by the thought of it : I see this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate Love with a big L. The love we have for a lover, for our friends, our family or ourselves

1. Cook yourself a good meal:
Take the time to treat yourself by preparing a meal that makes your mouth water. Starter, main course, dessert. You don't need to be a star chef to enjoy it, it's the intention that counts.

2. Take the time to make yourself look beautiful:
Ever heard of the "everything shower theory"? I discovered it through @matchmakermaria on IG.  Take care of your skin, exfoliate, wear makeup if you like, do your whole routine. It will give you that extra boost of confidence. Put on that outfit that makes you feel incredibly good about yourself. Because yes, you are magnificent and the world better notice you!

3. Practice a mindfulness activity :
Take a deep breath and relax. How about meditating a little, writing down your thoughts in a journal, or even engaging in a little yoga session? These activities are perfect for reconnecting with yourself and calming your mind.

4. Treat yourself to a moment of personal pleasure :
Light a massage candle , put on some music that puts you in a good mood, and relax. Let go and celebrate your body (with or without a toy 👀).

5. Go out and explore the city:
Get out of the house and explore what your city has to offer! Whether it's visiting an exhibition, having a coffee in a nice place, or sipping a drink in a bar that has just opened. Discovering a new place alone adds a very special flavor to the moment you spend.

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