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Coco dual stimulation Vibrator - Puissante

Coco dual stimulation Vibrator - Puissante

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Coco has two buttons, one to activate the vibration, the second to activate the suction.

There are 10 modes for each function, 7 for intensity and 3 are random modes. Coco folds, so you can enjoy external pleasure... and/or internal pleasure. Whether on the clitoris, the labia, in the vagina or in the perineum.

Of course, you can activate the suction mode alone, the vibration mode alone or both at the same time. And each one can be set to its respective power! It is therefore suitable for most clitorises of varying degrees of sensitivity!

2 years warranty

Rechargeable via USB cable

Water resistant to a depth of 1 meter

Medical silicone

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