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ukidama TAKE

ukidama TAKE

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Self-pleasure is a part of many people's daily self-care routine.
Through it you can learn to have a deeper understanding of your body.

The iroha ukidama can function as a bath light and massager, for self-care and pleasure during intimate moments with your body, both in the bath and out.

Bathe in soft, relaxing light as it floats in your bath, or soothe your fatigue with a massage, thanks to the vibration mode. With the mood set, intimate self-pleasure has never felt better.

Experience the soothing comfort of the iroha ukidama, combing self-care with your bath-time rituals.

Light Only: Approx. 210min
Vibration Only: Approx. 60min
Light and Vibration: Approx. 45min
Waterproof up to 50cm
Materials (Product): Silicone / TPU / ABS / PC / Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer Battery
(Stand): Silicone rubber
(USB Cable): PVC
Warranty Period: one (1) year
Content: Stand / USB Cable / User Manual

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