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The Gender and Sexuality Journal - Tyra Blizzard

The Gender and Sexuality Journal - Tyra Blizzard

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Ce journal est disponible en anglais uniquement.

Upon the completion of this journal, you may realize you exist much further outside of the binaries of gender and sexuality than you had initially thought.

Have you ever completed an “Am I Gay?” quiz online & thought to yourself, “ok… I may have learned a few things but I’m still confused”. Making sense of your gender identity and sexuality can be frustrating & frightening. Many of us do not have a safe space to openly question the uncompromising social constructs that have been imposed upon us.

It is difficult to escape from boxes that are continually being taped down and reinforced.
This journal will serve as your box knife, guiding you through the process of identity-exploration by prompting you to reflect upon the conflicting concepts of gender & sexuality.

This journal comprises three sections:

Section 1: Sexuality- Socialized as a Girl/Woman
Section 2: Sexuality- Socialized as a Boy/Man
Section 3: Gender (& Pronoun Dressing Room)

Sexuality and gender are often studied and explored separately; however, there is tremendous magic in examining them side by side. The moment we shift our perspective to see gender beyond the binary, it becomes nearly impossible to analyze sexuality without applying a similar lens.

The prompts in this journal are directly centred around the basic standards of heteronormativity & the gender binary to help you dissect & dismantle them from the inside out.

Notice: This journal can be explored by
anyone. Whether you are already comfortable with your gender & sexuality, or you are actively questioning yourself, it is meaningful to remain curious & challenge yourself to explore every aspect of your core identity.

In order to see beyond the binaries of gender & sexuality, you must first look within them

Note: This journal contains a QR code that directly connects you to an online community of introspective people who are just as curious about the mysteries & nuances of gender & sexuality.

You are not alone.
You are valid.

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