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Pro 2 Modern Blossom

Pro 2 Modern Blossom

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Let your pleasure blossom with this beautifully designed Satisfyer toy. The Satisfyer Pro 2 Modern Blossom pampers you with contactless pressure waves and new Liquid Air technology: intense clitoral stimulation has never been so elegant!

Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Air-Pulse Stimulates the clitoris with intense pressure waves without direct contact
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Silicone Made of ultra-soft, skin-friendly medical silicone, silky to the touch and extremely hygienic
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Waterproof Thanks to its waterproof surface (IPX7), this toy can be used in water in complete safety and is easy to clean.

Guaranteed for 15 years Liquid Air technology reproduces the caressing sensation of a pulsing jet of water
Pressure wave stimulation and contactless clitoral stimulation 11 pressure wave programs
Body-friendly silicone
Waterproof (IPX7)

Satisfyer Pro 2 Modern Blossom: magnificent Air Pulse vibrator

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Modern Blossom combines the beauty of nature with innovative technologies and is the ultimate sensual toy for anyone who appreciates romance. Thanks to the world-renowned Satisfyer Air Pulse technology, you will experience completely contactless clitoral stimulation and unforgettable orgasms. But this elegant vibrator can do even better: thanks to an additional tip with a very thin membrane, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Modern Blossom stimulates your clitoris with revolutionary Liquid Air technology, which imitates the exciting sensation of a jet of water pulsed. 11 pressure wave programs, from delicate to intense, are waiting to be discovered by you.



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