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TOR™ 2 is the most sophisticated vibrating couples’ ring in the world, offering you both the most thrilling and intense pleasures.

Made with a stretchy, premium silicone that comfortable accommodates men of any size, it will make him bigger, longer, stronger for couples’ complete shared satisfaction.

It has 6 different pattern with adjustable strength as well as a compact, waterproof design that allows you to both explore pleasure wherever it takes you.

A stretchy, premium silicone ring that comfortably accommodates men of any size, the waterproof TOR™ 2 offers couples complete shared satisfaction from 6 different patterns with adjustable strength.

Product Features
  • Made of a stretchy silicone that will comfortably fit any size, TOR™ 2 will give men increased presence during lovemaking
  • The pronounced body of TOR™ 2 allows the wearer's partner to experience pleasurable external vibrations
  • 6 pre-set vibration patterns with variable strength that promise intense shared external stimulation in whichever position you choose
  • Rechargeable with travel lock and near-silent vibrations for pleasure you can experience anywhere, any time. Fully waterproof to 1 m for enjoyment in bath or shower, as well as easier cleaning
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