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Ball 1 - Archives sensuelles

Ball 1 - Archives sensuelles

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Photos by Willy Ronis

Dimensions: 22.5cm x 33.5cm. Two-tone printing.

This poster is a unique piece from our limited “Archives Sensuelles” collection. The two images shown reflect the front and back of the product.

“Archives Sensuelles” is an initiative of our founder, Suzanne Dufresne. The photographs are carefully selected from her mother's personal archives, each distinct and captivating. According to Suzanne, each photo chosen for this collection evokes a sensuality of yesteryear, tinged with nostalgia.

Due to the age of the posters, exceeding 40 years, slight yellowing to the borders and folds of the photo may be present, adding a touch of authenticity to these unique pieces.

Note: The dimensions and the two-tone printing give these posters an exceptional artistic quality, immortalizing the emblematic work of Willy Ronis.

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