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After Care Cream with Arnica and Chamomile - 4 oz.

After Care Cream with Arnica and Chamomile - 4 oz.

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Tantus After Care Cream is just what you need to complete your scene, created by kinky people for kinky people. It's just what you need to set a soft, tender after play moment. Formulated with arnica, which can minimize inflammation, coloring and striping, and soothing chamomile, helps support your skin after intense play. Its creamy yet not sticky formula, spreads evenly and easily. There are zero dyes, fragrances, artificial coloring, parabens, sugar, or phthalates, and the cream is cruelty-free.

Made with Restorative Arnica and Chamomile to Support Your Skin After Intense Play

Conditions and Moisturizes Skin
Water-Based Formula
Zero Dyes, Fragrances Or Colors
100% free of Parabens, Sugar, or Phthalates

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