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Our 3 favorite toys for the penis

Pow by Arcwave

In the world of adult toys, innovation and fun go hand in hand. The options for men are becoming more diverse and sophisticated, offering new experiences. Today, I present to you our three favorite penis toys: the Men Heat Vibration Masturbator by Satisfyer, the Pow by Arcwave, and the Manta by Fun Factory.

1. Men Heat Vibration Masturbator by Satisfyer $101.90

The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration Masturbator is an exceptional choice for those seeking a realistic and personalized experience. This masturbator is equipped with several impressive features:

- Built-in heat : It can reach pleasantly warm temperatures, up to 39 degrees Celsius, imitating human heat for a more natural feeling.
- Powerful vibrations : With 11 vibration programs, it allows you to vary the pleasures and intensify the sensations at the glans level.
- Ergonomic design: Its shape is designed for easy and comfortable handling, allowing prolonged use without discomfort.

The Men Heat Vibration Masturbator is ideal if you are looking for realistic and varied stimulation at the tip of the penis, plus it is guaranteed for 15 years!

2. Pow by Arcwave $87.00

Arcwave , known for its innovations in toys for men, offers the Pow, a manual masturbator that stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness.

- Motor-less design: Unlike electronic toys, the Pow is completely manual, providing full control over intensity and pace.
- Premium materials : Made with premium materials, it is not only durable but also very pleasant to the touch.
- Easy cleaning: Its simplified design allows easy cleaning, guaranteeing optimal hygiene.

The Pow by Arcwave is perfect if you prefer a more traditional and controlled approach to masturbation.

3. Manta by Fun Factory $205.14

The Fun Factory Manta is a versatile toy that can be used alone or with a partner to add an extra dimension to your intimate play.

  • Innovative design : The unique shape of the Manta allows the vibrations to be focused on the penis, providing intense stimulation. Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Powerful vibrations : With 6 speeds and 6 vibration modes, you can find the perfect combination for your desires.
  • Versatility : Use it during masturbation, during sexual intercourse so that your penis vibrates and your partner can enjoy it, or during fellatio.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean : The Manta is completely waterproof, allowing it to be used in the shower or bath, and it is easy to clean.

The Fun Factory Manta is ideal for those looking to explore new sensations and enrich their sex life, alone or as a couple.


Choosing the perfect penis toy depends on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in terms of stimulation. Whether you prefer the heat and vibration of the Men Heat Vibration Masturbator by Satisfyer, the effective simplicity of the Pow by Arcwave, or the versatility of the Manta by Fun Factory, there is an option for everyone. Don't hesitate to explore these toys and discover which one will give you the most pleasure.

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