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5 ideas for Galentine's Day

Photo: Boudoirs by Willy Ronis

Are you looking for Galentine's Day? I offer five activities to celebrate your friendships this season of love.

1. Organize a themed evening:
I love having themed dinners where we can cook together or do other activities. Whether it's cooking homemade pizza, making cocktails, DIYs, or just having an opportunity to put on cute pajamas and eat popcorn together.

2. Send each other Snail Mail:
Diving into the art of writing by sending us postcards and letters is such a special experience. It's a unique way to strengthen our bonds of friendship and create memories

3. Go to a concert:
Dance and enjoy the music of an artist we guys all love.

4. Treat yourself to flowers (or plants):
Because everyone loves receiving flowers. They symbolize love and friendship, and giving them to your friends is a simple but meaningful way to show them you appreciate them.

5. Shop for vintage outfits and wear them all day:
Taking a trip back in time by visiting a vintage boutique or thrift store with my friends is always a fun adventure. We have fun choosing unique outfits for each other, and we challenge ourselves to wear these original looks all day long.


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