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5 Last Minute Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Photo: Kisses 1 by Willy Ronis

Valentine's Day is today! Here are some original date ideas that are easy to organize at the last minute

1. Build a blanket fort:

Embrace your inner child  with your partner and build a blanket fort in your living room. Create a real little cocoon with fairy lights where you can sit down to watch a movie with popcorn, listen to music (or do other things).

2. Read love poems out loud to yourself:

Embrace romance by reading love poems or erotic literature to each other out loud. Whether it's classics like Baudelaire, Ronsard or Shakespeare or more contemporary writings like those from the Instagram accounts of Amours Solitaires or La Fantasmerie , sharing these sweet and passionate words will strengthen your emotional (and physical?) connection. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of words!

3. Recreate one of your first dates:

Well I know, Valentine's Day is tonight and maybe it won't be possible to make reservations at the restaurant from your first date. The idea is to instead revisit the special and magical moments from the beginning of your relationship. You can, however, recreate the dishes you tasted that evening. It's a romantic way to celebrate your journey together with a note of nostalgia.

4. Bake together:

Let your culinary creativity run wild by baking together. No need to put the pressure on yourself trying to recreate a complicated restaurant dish this time, just chocolate cake or heart-shaped cookies. Working side by side in the kitchen will strengthen your bond and your team spirit. Also, did you know that chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac?

5. Do an activity that promotes adrenaline secretion:

Why not spice up your Valentine's Day by doing an activity that gives you adrenaline? Whether it's a rock climbing session, a go karting session or even bungee jumping (well this one can be difficult to plan for tonight) sharing an exciting experience will remind you that love is also synonymous with adventure. In addition, studies have shown that the release of adrenaline during a moment spent with a partner will help strengthen the connection between you.

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